This week we bring you further updates from the Greek ARRA™ Varieties’ harvest. In addition, we are delighted to introduce a new ARRA licensed nursery in Peru as well as an interesting new packaging technology.


Kavala is the largest table grape growing region in Northern Greece, distinguished by an optimal climate where vine cultivation is ideal for the late harvest.

The Greek growers have been harvesting  ARRA Sweeties™ over the past week  and are now arriving to  their retail customers. This variety is of particular interest among the retailers due to its  impressive elongated berries, crispy eating experience and notable quality. 

Andre Vermaak, Grapa Global Tech Support, gives us a glimpse into the packing of ARRA Sweeties at the Simvolo packing facilities.

ARRA Sweeties produced by Simvolo

ARRA Mystic Dream™ is known for its outstanding hanging ability, on the vine, with a good berry attachment allowing for great flexibility when it comes to harvest time. This variety is at its peak when it reaches the sugar level of about 18 brix and  berry size of 24mm x 26mm. ARRA Mystic Dream’s notable shelf life can easily withstand the journey to supermarket shelf.

Andre happy with ARRA Mystic Dream

Right before harvest: ARRA Mystic Dream at International Fruit 

Meet the New ARRA Licensed Nursery in Peru

The new generation of ARRA Varieties has already begun to generate great interest in Peru. The new generation of ARRA Varieties are thriving under the supervision and guidance of Grapasa, ARRA Agent in South America. As part of Grapa’s  initiation of upcoming developments in Peru, Viveros El Tambo SAC has been appointed as an authorized nursery for the propagation of ARRA plant material in the country.

Viveros El Tambo will now be one of three authorized nurseries in Peru, alongside: Agrogenesis and Viveros Los Vinedos who will all be part of the ARRA Varieties exciting new future in the country.

Mr. Sachin with happy growers

Viveros El Tambo S.A.C.  was established in 2014  with the expertise and know-how of Viveros El Tambo SpA (Chile),  to meet the ever growing need for  quality plants of the leading proprietary varieties demanded by the market.

Throughout the production process El Tambo is  constantly innovating, applying new technologies, working with high quality standards and practices that respect the environment, while becoming more sustainable every day.

Samuel in Bakersfield, California, during the ARRA Field Day

Samuel Escalante, Commercial Director at Viveros El Tambo, says: “We are very happy with this new alliance with Grapa as this collaboration will allow us to offer additional grape varieties in Peru. The ARRA varieties are attractive, grower friendly and meet the requirements of the marketers. This year, we will deliver plants to producers in Piura, Chiclayo and Ica”.

Sustainability is an increasingly important global focus, especially in the evolving fresh produce industry. Grapa embraces innovative strategies and strives to  support companies that invest in making the planet a better place.

TIPA’s ultimate mission is to ensure there is a minimal plastic footprint in the sector. With this in mind, TIPA develops and manufactures a variety of flexible compostable packaging solutions that decompose and become compost within a few months just like any organic waste.

TIPA’s ground-breaking packaging provides a full circular solution for flexible plastic waste. Its range of packaging solutions mimics the high-end properties of ordinary plastics such as strength, machinability, transparency, sealability, and printability, without leaving behind pollution and environmental damage at the end of use.

TIPA provides solutions for the entire supply chain, from films and laminates for packaging manufacturers to custom packaging applications for brands, mainly in the fresh, dry, and frozen food industries as well as the fashion industry.

Fresh produce importer and distributor based in New York, Jac Vandenberg Inc. has recently introduced a market-first in sustainable packaging for its Sunrays products which are developed and produced by TIPA.

Now Vandenberg’s Sunrays packaging, just like their citrus counterpart, are certified home compostable.
John Paap, brand manager at Jac Vandenberg says, “In our BIO bags we have a real solution that offers something that looks and feels like traditional plastic but will biodegrade in compost, just like the fruit inside it. We are confident that these bags will help retailers achieve their targets set around zero waste, plastic reduction, and overall sustainability.”

Daphna Nissenbaum CEO and co-founder of TIPA says about food waste: “One of the most promising and simple solutions lies in the problem itself: this wasted food, if composted, could slow climate change and improve soil quality and quantity. When food waste, along with packaging like paper, cardboard and other compostable options, break down in composting facilities or even in backyard compost piles, they don’t produce methane, and they result in carbon-rich soil that can be used everywhere from potted plants to commercial agricultural fields”. 

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