In this edition of the newsletter, we are delighted to bring you updates from Brazil where a successful first semester brought good results and the ARRA producers are now getting ready for their second harvest cycle and news from India.


The Brazilian growers in the Petrolina/Juazeiro area, are faced with many challenges every year, from January to April, due to the weather conditions where precipitations are generally stronger. However, in the end of 2020 a drop in temperature was recorded in the region that allowed the vines to enter the upcoming cycle in a better shape, therefore, enabling good quality of ARRA 15 and ARRA 34.

ARRA Sweeties™ from Special fruit on the left and Jailson Lira (Coopexvale) right
ARRA Sweeties™ from Ione Arbusti (Coopexvale) on the left and from Agrivale on the right

Russaika Nascimento, ARRA Agronomist in Brazil says:” ARRA 15 is still the leading ARRA white selection as it repeatedly produces great results. It is rain-resistant, reaches a good Brix, a high yield and performs great in different weather conditions. Photos from the field, packing house, local and export markets demonstrate this well”.

ARRA Sweeties™ produced by Agrivale
ARRA Sweeties™ from Maria Alice Gomes on the left and Ione Arbusti on the right, both from Coopexvale

This season, great results were also seen with ARRA 34. The Brazilian ARRA team is happy with what they have seen so far, stating that ARRA 34 is a winner in Brazil. This variety has attracted much interest among growers due to its unique berry shape and size, fresh eating quality, shiny color, high fertility, shorter growing cycle and ease of growing, promising the continuous supply of elongated berry-shaped white ARRA Varieties. The positive reception to this variety is especially based on the size. ARRA 34 is a grape for customers who like big grapes.

Impressive ARRA 34 from Agrivale
Estacio Cohim Silva and ARRA 34 in Ibatuba fields (Copexvale)

The last export of ARRA 34 from Coopexvale, arrived very well to its destination. Estacio Cohim Silva, Director of Ibatuba, part of  Coopexvale says:” We are so excited about the future of ARRA 34. It is a wonderful variety that we will start harvesting this week”.

ARRA 34 produced by Frutti Hall (Copexvale)

The most promising selection currently under evaluation in Brazil is ARRA 94B-35+4. With its shiny cherry red color, good eating qualities and amazing berry size, no one can resist this ARRA selection. At 24-25 Brix, ARRA 94B-35+4 is at its best and has an optimum acid-sugar balance. Already much loved in Brazil, this is a unique, mid-season variety, where sweetness and crunchiness meet to create a truly exceptional eating experience.

ARRA 94B-35+4 in Coopexvale test block

Russaika shares her feedback about the variety and comments: “ARRA 94B-35+4 easily reaches a Brix of 24-25, but this is not only “another sweet variety“,  it truly has a very special and pleasant taste along with its sweetness”. This is indeed the number one choice for future plantation among the newest ARRA red selections“.

The ARRA Brazilian Team, along with the Grapa Team, would like to thank all the growers for all the beautiful photos, for continuously investing in the ARRA Program and for their commitment to produce excellent ARRA grapes.


This season the Indian ARRA producers succeeded to grow excellent quality ARRA Sweeties™ grapes. Despite the variety being relatively new to the growing region of Nashik, the producers strived for success and the efforts and commitment paid off. The grapes are true to the type of the ARRA Sweeties™ (ARRA 15) in shape and color and although the berry size is on the smaller side, this did not affect the quality or appearance and the fruit still impressed. We are happy to see that ARRA 15 succeeded in the challenging weather of India, once again showcasing its adaptability to different climates.

ARRA 15 growing in the Nashik region

Steve Barker, Commercial Director at Jupiter Group, reports: “The ARRA 15 (ARRA Sweeties™) from our Indian farms looked good on arrival with no issues. The fruit met expectations with an average Brix of 17-21 and was particularly well-received when they reached supermarket shelves. We’re extremely enthusiastic about the future of our exclusive ARRA production in India”.

ARRA Sweeties™ on arrival in the UK market
We would like to share with our readers the 9th edition of “Global Roots” Jupiter Group’s corporate magazine, where ARRA 15 from India was featured in a very interesting article: click here to read pages 7 and 8.


The late black ARRA Mystic Dream™ (ARRA 32) has demonstrated signs of great success in Australia. This great variety keeps impressing year after year, with its high yield and full black color achieved without any color agent. 

Tony Cavallo from Cavallo Fruit in his ARRA 32 plantation located in North-West Victoria, Australia.

As part of our ‘Share the Passion’ campaign, last week, Grapa held a webinar, exclusively for traders and retailers, highlighting the optimal conditions related to the exportation, importation and sale of ARRA Passion Fire™ grapes. Although the focus was mainly the European Market, Mimi Corsaro, Vice President Marketing & Director Export Sales and Randy Giumarra Vice President Sales, both from Giumarra Vineyards Corporation, shared their experience of marketing ARRA Passion Fire™ in the USA and the Far East markets. In light of the success, Grapa is planning to organize additional Webinars focusing on other varieties from the ARRA range.

Grapa Marketing Director, Nomi Karniel Padan and ARRA Varieties Breeder, Shachar Karniel

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