Mexico's Table Grape Season Springs into Action

First Stop: Spring Summit

Mexico, the debutant of the Northern Hemisphere’s grape season, will be the focus of the Mexico Table Grapes Spring Summit, that will be held in San Diego, California on April 20th. Industry leaders will gather to listen to keynote speakers providing insights and comprehensive overviews from multiple perspectives, delving into the core of the Mexican Table Grape Industry and market dynamics. Topics will range from viticulture and investments to market trends and geopolitics, offering a broad scope of discussion.

The ARRA Program, with a special and strong connection to this pivotal growing region, are proud to be among this event’s sponsors. On our behalf, Luis Arancibia Molina, Senior International ARRA Agronomist from Chile, will be highlighting the great advantages of the ARRA program for the different regions and climates of Mexico.

Sonora Season Right Around the Corner

For over 15 years the Early Sweet™ variety, followed by the early ARRA varieties have remained in great demand, proving, year after year, their genetic adaptability to the desert climate. Victor Romero, Videxport’s technical manager, is glad to share with us his overview on the upcoming season. “Despite anticipating an early harvest this year, the cold weather that appeared after pruning, has slowed down the growth. With our extensive Early Sweet plantation, we are now beginning sizing and foresee harvest beginning in exactly a month, meaning the season will still be earlier than last year’s.” Victor reports that the post-bloom ARRA Honey Pop™, ARRA Passion Fire™ and ARRA Sugar Drop™ will follow shortly thereafter. We look forward to updating as soon as harvest begins, moving from one variety to the next.

We look forward to updating as soon as harvest begins, moving from one variety to the next.

Beautiful Bloom on Sunraysia’s ARRA Mystic Dream

The weather conditions in Sunraysia have been favorable for quality in the later varieties, with minimal rainfall from veraison to harvest. However, there was a period of elevated nighttime temperatures, which adversely affected color development. Notably, this year’s ARRA Mystic Dream™ from Sunraysia stands out for its color, healthy crop loads, dreamy bloom, and fruit resilience during weeks of high temperatures, a contrast to some other varieties in the region that suffered.

ARRA Mystic Dream™  is extremely fertile which can be both an advantage and disadvantage. The variety has a very big natural bunch size with long shoulders. In countries where labour is less expensive, it is a standard practice, to remove some top shoulders as well as trim shoulders.

This is essential for achieving uniform brix levels among the berries and ensuring consistent berry size. In Australia, these practices were implemented for the first time across all growers, yielding evident positive outcomes. It is hoped that this approach will be continued in the future.

ARRA Mystic Dream eats well, especially due to its firm berries and a thin skin, that literally melts in your mouth. Particularly intriguing is its ability to tolerate rain despite its delicate skin.

Typically in Sunraysia, starting in April, temperatures begin to cool as autumn approaches, leading to dewy mornings, occasional fog, and intermittent rainfall. These weather conditions make this rain-tolerant variety an excellent choice for late-season black seedless grapes.

This year, the ARRA Mystic Dream harvest in Sunraysia will be finished by the end of April. This is much earlier than last season, in which the variety was still being picked until late May 2023. 

Among the various ARRA Mystic Dream growers, Cavallo Fruits , located in the far North-West Victoria, was the first in Sunraysia to start their ARRA Mystic Dream harvest, already in mid March, a month earlier than in 2023. Tony Cavallo, owner of Cavallo Fruits, is very pleased with the harvest. During the first pass, he picked 2 boxes per vines (23 tons/ha), with an average berry size of 24 mm, very firm berries, and delightful bloom. Some of these beauties are being exported to South East Asia. Australian-sourced ARRA Mystic Dream will join the imports of this variety from Chile, which are increasingly appreciated in the Asian market.

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