As the season gets underway in the Northern Hemisphere, we take a look at Early Sweet™ in Morocco and Egypt as we mark the 20th birthday of this variety and celebrate it with you, our dear readers.
We’re also glad to provide a taste of the ARRA Passion Star™ (ARRA 13) progress in Morocco.

Early Sweet

20 years young

20 years ago, in 1999, the very first Early Sweet was planted. The quality has only improved over the years, as growers from around the world applied and adjusted the growing protocol to the specific climate of their farm’s location.
For 20 years, Early Sweet has not met a match to its unique flavor and very early harvest.


Despite the chilly spring and the inevitable delay in ripening, the Early Sweet™ in Egypt looks great with excellent quality. As a large part of the grapes that are currently on the market are from cold storage, the fresh and delicious Early Sweet is sure to take its rightful place in the market as a very early fresh grape
Below we bring you the latest photos of Early Sweet from the following farms: Pico Modern Agriculture, Blue Nile and Belco.

Pico Modern Agriculture

Early Sweet
Early Sweet
A good looking bunch - Early Sweet at Pico farm

Blue Nile

Early Sweet
Early Sweet
True-to-type Early Sweet at Blue Nile farm


Almost ready to hit the market - stunning Early Sweet at Belco farm
Early Sweet

Morocco – Early Sweet

As can be seen in the pictures below, Kamared Grape Company’s Early Sweet vineyards in Morocco are getting close to their harvest time.
Grape harvest in Morocco is usually 1-2 weeks after the harvest in Egypt. The grapes from Morocco normally arrive to the European market at the end of the Egyptian and beginning of the Spanish season when the prices are already lower. However, Kamared’s farm is located in Taroudant, where the special micro-climate allows the Early Sweet harvest to occur at the same time as Egypt.

A very early and sweet start - Early Sweet at Kamared farm

Morocco – ARRA Passion Star™ (ARRA 13)

In Morocco, the season is off to a promising start for Kamared Grape Company’s ARRA Passion Star (ARRA 13). This wonderful variety thrives in desert climates. The hotter and drier the weather, the better the ARRA 13 grape. Therefore, it’s no wonder that this variety is extremely profitable in Morocco, as well as Namibia.

Kamared's beautiful ARRA Passion Star bunches
ARRA Passion Star in veraison starting to show its cherry red color

We hope this fruitful start will be followed by a successful season for all our growers in the Northern Hemisphere.
We thank our growers for their dedication for so many years, continuously raising the bar in table grape quality.