Western Cape Now in the South Africa ARRA Spotlight

The new year started with some rainfall, 5 to 50mm, in the Hex River valley, resulting in damage to early varieties, reported AJ Jansen van Vuuren, Table Grape Manager, Topfruit. Growers promptly implemented risk management strategies, making the best of a challenging situation by incorporating sanitation procedures. AJ commends the growers’ positive and resilient attitude displayed during this period.

As ARRA Passion Fire™ was among those affected, growers and packhouses responded with meticulous quality inspections to ensure only the highest quality is exported. Subsequently, the spotlight shifted to the  ARRA Sweeties™ and ARRA Mystic Bloom™ varieties, both exhibiting excellent quality.

The ARRA varieties harvest is expected to conclude by week 8/9, currently, production and quality are showing promising results. Fingers are crossed in hope that shipping time will not be unnecessarily extended.

South Africa Eagerly Awaits ARRA Fire Crunch & ARRA Cherry Crush

AJ shared his excitement, “Recently our test block delivered some intriguing samples of the much-awaited ARRA Fire Crunch™ and ARRA Cherry Crush™.” Samples were packed for cold storage evaluation purposes and numerous exporters requested samples for tastings. Interest is growing in these varieties, exemplified by one enthusiastic grower’s plea, “AJ, I don’t care if you don’t have enough plant material, I need these varieties ASAP!”

Chile’s ARRA Harvest:
ARRA Passion Fire and ARRA Sweeties Spark Excitement

In our last edition we shared with you development from regions III and IV, and now we move on to the Valparaíso region. Here, the ARRA grapevines have exhibited excellent development from bud-break onwards, showcasing vigorous growth, a robust canopy, substantial berry caliber, and high yield.

Despite a cooler spring leading to a delay of 7-10 days in the start of harvest, the subsequent dry and low-humidity summer has fostered the production of healthy fruits that have successfully completed their growth cycle.

This favorable condition instills hope among producers for a more prosperous season compared to previous ones, which were marked by challenging productivity and marketing conditions. The harvest is beginning with the first volumes of ARRA Passion Fire™ . However, don’t just take our word for it; let’s hear directly from the ARRA producers.

ARRA Producers tell us about their experience

Francisco Molina, Field Manager of Inversiones del Pacífico, DOLE Plaza Vieja farm shared,  “We began the harvest very happy with ARRA Passion Fire™. The work invested by our team in both load management and berry count, allows us to see fruit in very good condition and quality today. We hope to meet our productive and commercial expectations during this 2023-2024 season.”

Mr. Rodrigo Cordero Vega, Owner of El Tellino farms expressed, “We are very happy with the results we have had with our ARRA Passion Fire. We are close to starting the harvest and we have high hopes of having an excellent season.”

Raúl Gómez, Field Manager Agrofruta Limitada, La Colonia Farm expresses his excitement, saying, “The ARRA Sweeties™ variety is incredible. We are very happy with what we see hanging in the grapavine today, we are two weeks aways from starting the harvest.”

Carlos Rosende, Sociedad Agrícola Beylik Owner of the farm and partner of Exporter Fruta Austral proudly reports, “We are happy with the result of our ARRA Sweeties grapes. It is evident that our work along with the good advice received, lead to great fruit.”

ARRA Sugar Drop Shines in Australia’s Sunraysia Harvest

Over the past three years, Sunraysia has faced challenging seasons characterized by unfavorable weather conditions for grape cultivation. This season, however, started off promising weather until Christmas. Unfortunately, the onset of rain and high humidity post-Christmas has begun to adversely impact the quality of table grapes. Nonetheless the early ARRA Sugar Drop™ has performed really well reports Stephan Nel, Grapa’s Representative in Australia.

Cavallo Fruits Sets the Bar with ARRA Sugar Drop

Cavallo Fruits, leading the harvest in Sunraysia, achieved a substantial yield of 30 tons per hectare when they were the first to pick ARRA Sugar Drop. Tony Cavallo expressed his delight with the exceptional quality of the fruit. The continuity of passion for table grapes within family businesses, passing from one generation to the next, is heartwarming. Witnessing Tony’s son, Rocky, delighting in the fruits of the harvest adds a special touch to this generational legacy.

Alpha Fresh Dedicated to ARRA Success

Further contributing to the success of ARRA Sugar Drop, Alpha Fresh, owned by the Cirillo family, is pleased with the performance of this variety. With a plantation of a diverse range of ARRA varieties in Mildura, they eagerly anticipate continuing the ARRA harvest with mid to late-season varieties.

Romeo’s Best Top Pick

Romeo’s Best also enjoyed success with ARRA Sugar Drop, achieving beautiful and high-quality produce. John Romeo shared his immense satisfaction, emphasizing that it stands out as the best eating white variety for this particular timing.

In Australia, ARRA Sugar Drop producers find satisfaction and appreciate the economic value of early white grape varieties, as they command favorable prices in the local market.

ARRA Wow Factor Celebrated in India

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In Ravalgaon, Nashik, a very special event was orchestrated by Kailas Malode, the Director of Sahyadri Alandi Zone Farmers Producer Company. The occasion showcased the presentation and sale of the highly valued ARRA colored grapes. In response, grape producers and buyers in the district displayed tremendous enthusiasm for this agricultural festival.

Azhar Tambuwala, Commercial Director, Sahyadri Farms shares his excitement: “During the auction, the ARRA grapes achieved a remarkable milestone by fetching a record-breaking price of Rs 260 (USD 3.10) per kilogram in India. This unprecedented rate stands as the highest ever received by farmers in the history of grape farming, directly at the farm level itself .” The new ARRA selections were celebrated for their exceptional taste and crispiness, sparking substantial demand among customers and buyers. Their unique and desirable qualities set them apart, presenting attributes that have not been seen in India to date.

We, at Grapa, express our profound gratitude for our partnership with Sahyadri Farms, and find ourselves truly moved by the remarkable field days organized year after year.

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