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A never ending Passion: ARRA Passion Fire™
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"These are really beautiful grapes. The bunches are nice and big and today 16th of December we are packing this ARRA 29 (ARRA Passion Fire™) especially for TROFI”.

Marda de Kock

Grape Technical, AM Fresh December 2021

"ARRA 33 (ARRA Honey Pop™) is a very good example of a variety with very low production cost as it hardly needs any labor intervention. We are very excited about this variety and optimistic that it will dominate the early white seedless market in the coming years. The word is out, producers are also interested and orders are streaming in for ARRA 33 (ARRA Honey Pop™)!"

AJ Jansen van Vuuren

Table Grapes Manager at TopFruit, November 2021

"We are one week away from harvesting the early red ARRA 29 in Namibia and the quality and size of the bunches are impressive. The berries are crunchy and the colour is beautiful.”

Andre Vermaak

Table Grapes Specialist, December 2021

“We are truly excited by the performance of our ARRA Sugar Drop this season from our farm in Emerald, Queensland. These were the first white grapes we supplied to our retailers and markets agents this year and feedback was very encouraging. The flavor was a stand out from all other grapes that were available The earliness of the variety opens a unique window of supply that is currently unfulfilled, couple this with the potential yield and flavor ARRA Sugar Drop is a winner.”

Mark Leng

Fruit Master Australia, November 2021


ARRA 33 - ARRA Honey Pop™

The uniqueness of the ARRA 33 is the ripening time which is about as early as Early Sweet and a week before ARRA 30. It is an excellent replacement for other very early varieties. Free of shot berries, it is characterized by outstanding eating quality with extreme crunchiness.


ARRA 29 - ARRA Passion Fire™

ARRA 29 is an early red seedless variety with exceptional eating quality. It has large, crisp berries, a medium sized bunch and an excellent natural, cherry color. Ripening at the same time as Flame, it is considered the best Flame replacement. The extraordinary shelf life, high fertility and shipping durability makes it the growers’ preferable early red..


ARRA 30 - ARRA Sugar Drop™

ARRA Sugar Drop is particularly loved by the European market, thanks to its first-rate eating quality, the attractive elongated berries and the well-balanced sweetness all housed beneath a crisp and crunchy skin. Extremely fertile, ARRA 30 holds up well on the vine and in cold storage..

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