Growing commercially in over 30 countries, with year round production

Driven by passion and innovation, the ARRA™ program presents a new diverse set of varieties ranging from very-early, to late, including muscat and aromatic flavors, not to mention the advantage of being rain resistant. The full package that has you coming back for more.
Developed by a natural process of cross breeding, evaluation and stringent selection, the ARRA program is continuously expanding to create timeless table grape varieties that meet the ever changing demands of the marketplace.
The ARRA™ Varieties are seedless table grapes known for their delicious flavor, great eating quality, attractive appearance, high yields and long shelf life.
The varieties are successfully grown and marketed in 6 continents across 30 countries allowing for them to be available all year-round.
The ARRA breeding program presents a new generation of very early varieties with the classic Muscat flavor and featuring the advantageous rain tolerance quality, allowing for cultivation under various weather conditions.
Grapa Varieties is a global family business that specializes in breeding and licensing premium table grape varieties worldwide, under the ARRA™ and Early Sweet™ brands. Founded by a farmer for the benefit of farmers, we create timeless varieties that farmers love to grow and consumers love to eat.