ARRA Mystic Dream : Harvest of ARRA 32 Grapes has Started

ARRA Varieties™ were recently featured in Fresh Plaza.  Click here to see the article, or read more below.

“Our black seedless variety, ARRA 32, is harvesting from week 39 through to 45. Also known as ARRA Mystic Dream ™, this remarkable second year production is ripening late in the season with a full black colour.”

“With a sweetness level of around 18 brix, this variety benefits from its hanging ability on the vine and good berry attachment. Our ARRA 32 have a notable berry size of 24mm x 26mm and crucially an excellent shelf life, meaning they’re able to easily withstand the journey to supermarket shelf. Our Greek vineyards provide the perfect conditions to grow table grapes.”

ARRA Mystic Dream

“Our first year production in 2018 was referred to as an ‘extraordinary new variety’ with ‘large berries and huge juiciness’, so there are big expectations for 2019’s crop.”

Successful Greek season
“Following on from the success of this year’s Greek bounty, our ARRA 28 is due to be harvested in week 44. ARRA 28, or ARRA Passion Punch™ as it is also known, is a naturally juicy variety with large berries.”

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