Published on July 20, 2023 in Fresh Plaza

"There is no other domestic fruit on the market at this time of the year, only imports from the US”

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The first harvest of white seedless grapes has already taken place in Queensland’s far north, it was a week earlier than last year.

“We did the first picking of the ARRA Sweeties  variety on 10th July,” said Francesca LaSpina, Executive General Manager at Romeo’s Best. “This season is looking better than last year’s when we had a lot of rain. These are a very early variety and will be sold on the domestic market. There is no other domestic fruit on the market at this of the year, only imports from the US so due to the market demand we can achieve a similar price to the US imports.”

John and Angelo Romeo

Romeo’s Best have been working on this Import Replacement Program for 10 years, the company has exclusive rights in Queensland’s far north to grow the ARRA Sweeties variety from GRAPA.

“This is a very robust variety which works well in the climatic conditions at this time of the year. Our customers were looking for Australian grown grapes as consumers prefer the Australian grown fruit.”

The ARRA Sweeties season runs from July to October and Romeo’s Best hope to harvest 500,00 cartons annually.

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