ARRA Varieties 10 years anniversary in Brazil

Augusto Prado, President of Grapa Brazil would like to summarize for our readers the journey of the ARRA Programme in Brazil: “After 10 years of producing ARRA Sweeties in the São Francisco Valley, it is essential to reflect on the importance of this variety for the Brazilian growers. Without a doubt, ARRA Sweeties, where the old varieties like Thompson and Crimson no longer “paid the bills”, allowed the growers to gain financial benefits”.

Augusto continues: “We went from an initial average yearly productivity of 22 tons per hectare to an almost double 38 tons per hectare. The crucial resistance to rain and the advantage of two harvests a year, made ARRA Sweeties an irreplaceable variety. Today we have more than 1200 ha of ARRA Sweeties planted in the São Francisco Valley and we have managed to reach the most demanding markets. Achieving a Brix ratio above 17° and acidity close to 0.8,  guarantee an amazing flavour, making ARRA Sweeties the queen of the white grapes in Brazil”.

Augusto adds: “Following this same mode of action, we will be launching ARD 36, which will undoubtedly be the queen of red grapes in Brazil. ARD 36 has a good resistance to rain and its colour develops naturally without the need for any colouring agents. With a Brix above 20°and acidity less than 0.8, the flavour of this variety is exceptional . This is the start of an even brighter future for the table grape industry in Brazil.

Augusto concludes: “It is a great pleasure for me to be part of the Grapa Brazil Team and to be part of the ARRA Programme that will continue to make a difference for their licensees!”.

The Grapa Brazilian Team, from left: Alana Gois, ARRA Coordinator, Augusto Prado, President of Grapa Brazil, Amanda Rodrigues, Technical Manager, Jonathas Ranver, Grapa Representative and Russaika Nascimento, Technical Manager

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