It's time to Honey Pop - ARRA Honey Pop™

The earliest new generation white variety in the world, ARRA Honey Pop™, is already entering its second year of commercial production in Egypt, USA, RSA, and Mexico, while Australia is producing it for the first year. The splendid results speak for themselves as there is a very high demand for plantations amongst both new and current ARRA growers with positive feedback from marketplaces. Join us on a tour of the current harvest sites around the Northern Hemisphere.


The Egyptian ARRA Honey Pop has created great interest, due to its early ripening and grower-friendly features, alongside its crispy texture and delightful taste. “The harvest started on May 27, about 5 days after Early Sweet on the same farm”, mentions Ali Shahata, ARRA Egypt Manager. Ali notes that ARRA Honey Pop is reaching great quality with 20-30% less production costs, proving its significant economic efficiency, in addition to its ultimate early market window, with no other new generation white competitors. Georgios Bitsakos, Head of Brand Marketing at Grapa Varieties says: “This variety’s unique combination of quality and economic efficiency makes it stand out in the early grape market.”


ARRA Honey Pop is cultivated in several growing areas in Israel, featuring diverse climates and harvest times.  Amichay Mugzach, the Vineyards Agronomist and Technical Manager of Vineyards at Bananot Ha Hof is one of the Israeli-producing companies also growing ARRA Honey Pop. Amichay reports that they achieved good fruit size, making it a high-quality and competitive variety.


The Mexican ARRA Honey Pop has been grown in Sonora for two years, ripening earlier this year. Victor Romero, Videxport’s Technical Manager, reports it has made a good impression. He highlights the crunchy texture, and sweet taste, ripening in Sonora at the end of May with very high quality. The pictures show great results, already anticipated by the US Market.

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An Early Fire Kiss - ARRA Fire Kiss™

ARRA Fire Kiss™ is generating great interest among growers and traders alike, as it offers a real alternative for Flame. Characterized by its advantageous short cycle, the ARRA Fire Kiss features a natural full red color, large sweet berries, and crunchy texture. Proved to be very fertile and grower-friendly, ARRA Fire Kiss also bears great post-harvest and shipping qualities. See below this season’s exciting harvest results in Egypt and Israel.


Ali Shahata, ARRA Egypt Manager emphasized the high quality of this year’s ARRA Varieties, particularly the colored ones. Ali explained that this year’s weather conditions helped obtain the good coloring and size that the ARRA varieties are known for. Georgios Bitsakos, Grapa’s Head of Brand Marketing, who is currently visiting the Egyptian ARRA growers, says: “The variety offers a crispier texture, without the challenges often associated with Flame. This improvement translates to bright prospects for the future, promising a higher quality product for consumers, and next year we will be able to see  Egyptian ARRA Fire Kiss™ in the markets.


The ARRA Fire Kiss is also cultivated in several test growing areas in Israel, featuring diverse climates and harvest times. Amichay Mugzach, the Vineyards Agronomist and Technical Manager of Vineyards at Bananot Ha Hof, reports that their ARRA Fire Kiss is grown in the northern part of the Jordan Valley, an area with a semi-arid climate, and they are planning to harvest this week. Amichay said they were impressed by the variety’s full color and optimal size, achieved without sizing applications.

Let us Charm you - ARRA Mystic Charm™

ARRA Mystic Charm™ is a very early black variety, ripening with Early Sweet. Its deep natural black berries have a sweet flavor and satisfying, crunchy eating quality. The variety’s grower-friendly characteristics are due to extremely easy-growing and high-yielding vines that display very uniform shoot development, resulting in great hanging ability.


During his recent visits to Egypt Georgios Bitsakos, Head of Brand Marketing at Grapa Varieties shares: “The black ARRA Mystic Charm variety is gaining recognition. Its early market presence and positive reception suggest a strong future for this variety as well.” It is currently grown by Agrostar, who received good feedback from the various European markets it was exported to for consumer trials.


The ARRA Mystic Charm was already harvested in the Jordan Valley Test Block. Amichay Mugzach, the Vineyards Agronomist and Technical Manager of Vineyards at Bananot HaHof reports that this early black was easy to grow and produced high-quality yield. The company has great trust in this variety and is planning to enlarge its plantation in the early growing regions, as it serves the market window for an early black.

Drops of Happiness - ARRA Sugar Drop™

ARRA Sugar Drop™ is an early white, fertile, characterized by very large, naturally loose bunches. It is known for its appealing, elongated, light creamy colour berries with a delightful crunch and sweet flavor, not to mention the thin skin that seamlessly melts away. It is popular among many growers who are seeking an early high-producing white variety, optimal for short travel.


Considered the earliest growing region in Italy, Sicily’s season onset, like many other early regions, is considered a sought-after window in terms of prices and market demand. Therefore, growers who can harvest early and present quality grapes have a great potential to achieve high profits.

ARRA Sugar Drop was the first ARRA variety introduced to the region and is also the most widely planted ARRA variety in Sicily. Uzi Yaron, Grapa’s R & D Director alongside Marco Tempesta and Maurizio Simone, Agronomists from the AVI team have recently visited Sicilian ARRA Sugar Drop plantations. Uzi was pleased to see “that the variety has met our expectations in Sicily, where the variety can arrive very early with high quality. The challenge is for more growers to make the necessary mindset shift, when moving to seedless varieties.

Uzi Yaron, Grapa’s R & D Director reporting from ARRA Sugar Drop block during the Grape Exhibition:


Ali Shahata, ARRA Egypt Manager reports that this year some Egyptian growers have made trials with ARRA Sugar Drop aiming to bring its harvest even earlier. The results were terrific, and the ARRA Sugar Drop was harvested and packed in mixed punnets with Flame, showing high quality and brix.  


ARRA Sugar Drop™ is showing outstanding results this year. Andre Vermaak, Grapa’s Global Tech Support Advisor, who just returned from Morocco emphasized the necessity of closely following the growing protocol and the true-to-type results that brings with it. 


ARRA Sugar Drop™ has ripened earlier than last year and is currently being harvested. It is grown in the Sonora region, where it is already well accommodated.

An Early Red Passion - ARRA Passion Fire™

ARRA Passion Fire™ is an early variety with fire red colour berries and delightful eating quality. It is also characterized by having good productivity, excellent hanging ability, and shelf life. Already well-established in various countries and climates around the world, the results are evident. 


The Egyptian ARRA Passion Fire is widely grown on different farms and locations. The variety has already been well adjusted to the Egyptian climate and practices. This year the variety has reached its full potential, clearly reflecting the full implementation of its growing protocol. Shachar Karniel, the Breeder of the ARRA Varieties, praised the growers for their outstanding results, as well as Ali Shahata, and Eng. Fayez Dowidar of the Egyptian ARRA team and Andre Vermaak, Grapa’s Global Tech Support Advisor, for their professionalism and continued support.


Following Egypt, Morocco is already harvesting ARRA Passion Fire. Andre Vermaak, Grapa’s Global Tech Support Advisor, who has just returned from another visit to the Moroccan ARRA growers, reports that this year shows the “best results seen in the last three years, especially the production and amount of bunches on both Early Sweet™ and ARRA Passion Fire “. Andre estimates that Morocco will have a good market window for ARRA Passion Fire in June, as there are no more grapes from India, in the European markets.

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