Diverse Climates and Innovative Growing - ARRA in Israel

The ARRA varieties are produced in different growing areas in Israel with variable climates. Northern Israel is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with long, hot, rainless summers and relatively short, mild to cool, rainy winters, while the Southern part of the country features hot semi-arid and hot desert climates. This distinct climate diversity arises due to Israel’s unique location between the subtropical aridity of the Sahara and Arabian deserts on one side, and the subtropical humidity of the Levant and Eastern Mediterranean on the other. The climate conditions are highly variable and modified locally by altitude, latitude, and proximity to the Mediterranean.

ARRA Honey Pop Harvest is on the GO

Salmor Grapes at the Jordan Valley with a semi-arid climate, are one of the first farms to harvest in Israel. They are currently harvesting the ARRA Honey Pop™, the earliest ARRA variety. Hen Solomon, the farm Owner, praises this variety for being so easy to grow and being sold very easily due to its excellent flavor, crunchiness, and creamy color- “everything the grower needs” in his words.

The high temperatures in the region enable early harvesting in the spring, so the economic return is high. In addition, high solar radiation has a positive effect on the quality of the crops and accelerates their growth. The low amount of rain and humidity leads to a low incidence of diseases, resulting in quality yield.

The special feature of ARRA Honey Pop in this area is the fact that they are cultivated in a greenhouse. The reason for growing in this method is to bring the harvest earlier to fill market demands for the spring holidays. In addition, this growing method has benefited the grower with a higher yield.

This innovative growing method requires more complex cultivation because it requires two pruning cycles a year. Accordingly, the first pruning takes place in the winter, around December, and then the fruit is harvested in April-May. After the harvest, the nylon is removed and the vineyard is pruned again and awakened, which is for the benefit of bunch initiation. This way, the vineyard receives fertility for the following season. Despite higher costs of additional treatments, this growing method benefits the growers greatly, as it results in better selling prices due to the early ripening. According to the grower, not all grape varieties are suitable for growing with this method, since it requires a very fertile yield that knows how to cope under nylon and undergo two pruning cycles. Hen Solomon says that the ARRA varieties are mostly suitable for this growing method and the results are lovely.

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The Segev ROI farm also successful in advancing its harvest. Farm Owner, Dotan Klein, has expressed his great satisfaction with the exceptional yield and quality of produce. 

See the footage below of ARRA Honey Pop on the vine, harvested and finally during packing:

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We take pride in our position as industry leaders in the table grape sector. That’s why the ARRA Varieties consistently draw attention at both global and local fruit & vegetable exhibitions and symposiums. Not long ago in Brazil, recently in California, and very soon in Italy, the ARRA varieties consistently captivate all who experience their exceptional taste, crunchiness and appearance.

MACFRUT, Rimini, Italy

The ARRA Varieties will be represented at the Macfrut, Fruit & Veg Professional Show taking place at the Expo Centre in Rimini, Italy, by the AVI team, the exclusive territorial representative for the ARRA™ varieties and Early Sweet™ in Europe.

Macfrut is a leading trade fair for professionals operating in the Italian national and international fruit and vegetable sectors. This exhibition is a key event for professionals and buyers, promoting innovation and internationalization. Macfrut represents the entire supply chain, attracting more and more international visitors, reaching almost 50,000 last year.

We are honored to be participating in a special Symposium taking place during the exhibition, dedicated to the Table Grapes supply chain. Maurizio Simone and Marco Tempesta from the AVI team, will be presenting the ARRA™ varieties, the farmer choice: the future of the Italian table grapes sector. The AVI team will be followed by Azhar Tambuwala from Sahyadri Farms, ARRA Varieties Exclusive Representative in India. Azhar will give his lecture about India and the Table Grape Industry.
We wish our dear ARRA partners the best of luck in this valuable event.  

Mexico Table Grapes Spring Summit - San Diego, California

Luis Arancibia Molina, ARRA Agronomist at Grapasa, was invited to take part at the Mexico Table Grapes Spring Summit 2024 in San Diego, California. The event has brought those in the Mexican grape industry together to talk about the challenges, opportunities, and future of table grapes, globally and in Mexico. The day included presentations by some of the leading experts in the Mexican table grape market.

Luis described it as an excellent experience and highlighted the valuable opportunity to engage with Mexican producers. He noted the producers enthusiasm for exploring new grape varieties to address the future challenges in Mexico and the opportunities the ARRA Varieties offer as an answer.

The ARRA Varieties were proud to be event sponsors, and Luis had the privilege to deliver a presentation, discussing several key points: Luis emphasized the global presence of the ARRA™ Varieties, licensed in 34 countries across 6 continents, and successfully adapting to diverse climatic conditions. The growing recognition and global demand are expanding the reach of ARRA varieties into new regions. Luis highlighted the distinct advantages of the ARRA Program, including the earliest trio of white, red, and black varieties in the world. Moreover, Luis emphasized the varieties’ tolerance and adaptability, as many ARRA varieties exhibit remarkable rain tolerance and thrive in various climates. They are known for short production cycles, enabling early harvests and economic efficiency. Furthermore, Luis explained about their environmental sustainability and ease of cultivation, while still achieving high yields and good post-harvest life.

Andre in the ARRA Mediterranean

We continue to feature the preparations for the upcoming ARRA harvest season in the Mediterranean countries. Andre Vermaak, Grapa’s Global Tech Support Advisor is continuing to visit the ARRA cultivators in great effort to assist and provide them with any needed support. In this edition, we will focus on Morocco.

A Morrocan ARRA Fest

Andre recently visited ARRA growers in southern Morocco near Agadir, where they grow ARRA Passion Fire™, Early Sweet™, and ARRA Sugar Drop™. He was excited about the excellent fertility of all these varieties, noting that it is the best he had seen in the past few years. Currently, the growers are focusing on shortening the bunches and managing the crop after flowering. Andre particularly emphasized how growers followed the growing protocols closely, which yielded fantastic results. The Early Sweet harvest is expected to start in mid-May, and the crop appears to be in remarkable condition.

Similarly, ARRA growers around Marrakech are also achieving impressive results, with high fertility and strict adherence to protocols. The quality of the crop is exceptionally high, with the harvest expected in June. Andre is delighted and confident of how this promising season will unfold for Moroccan ARRA growers.

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