This week, a look at Grapa over four continents

Grapa in Shanghai

Rafi and Nomi were delighted to attend for Grapa at the Fruit Logistica exhibition in China, the world’s largest producer of table grapes, which produced around 11 million metric tons of table grapes in 2017.

Grapa at Fruit Logistica Shanghai

The growers raised the learning curve of the previous season, asking for specific advice and guidance for the coming season. The Grapa and AVI teams expanded the growers’ know-how with the latest updated culture practices to ensure the growers’ performance in the coming season.

The exhibition provided a good opportunity for Grapa to meet up with colleagues and friends, some of whom were exhibiting; Fruit Master and Perfection Fresh from Australia, Daltex from Egypt, Dan Per from Peru and R.K. Growers from Italy who graciously hosted us at their stand. In addition, it was a great chance to meet with many other interested parties from around the world



After last year’s experience, the skilled growers in Egypt reached the right conclusions, optimizing the combination of the variety’s abilities with Egypt’s special growing conditions. The desert heat with added effect of the plastic covers (that are in place to protect from the Sahara dust and sand storms.) lead to an earlier ripening which is ideal for the Egyptian growers.
The ARRA 29 grew and ripened to a berry size of 20-21 cm., without additional Gibb, and with some color enhancement in the farm who’s lovely red bunches are depicted in these photos.


ARRA 30 is currently in veraison, about 3 weeks before harvest it is advancing steadily and well towards its full size. The ARRA 30 will be harvested right after the end of the Early Sweet season. This ensures the growers have constant and continuous produce for export with a long and steady presence of early, beautiful and sweet white grapes for the market.  


Last week the Jupiter teams and growers visited the ARRA vineyards in Kavala and found young, 1 year old vigorous fields with prospects of semi commercial yield. It is clear that the ARRA growers in Kavala depict excellent cultivation practices, as can be seen in this short film. 

One year old ARRA vineyard in Greece.


This year’s pleasant and stable weather has greatly benefited the grapes and the ARRA varieties are looking very promising. Don’t miss the video showing the popular code 8A-19+4, AKA Jumbo, showing off its uniqueness and beauty. 

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