In this edition, we preview two new selections out of the ARRA™ red varieties that will be on show at the Grapa stand at Fruit Logistica later this week

Red Varieties: Seeing is Believing

In Berlin, we will be revealing the two new pipeline selections, red varieties selection code 10A-3+3 and selection code 94B-35+4, which due to their late ripening, were not presented in their full performance at last year’s ARRA Open Field Days in California.

Placed in storage in October 2018 for shelf life appraisal, Adi and Shachar evaluated these two pipeline red varieties after ninety days and were very satisfied to see the stems green and the berries clean from cracks and shatter. 

ARRA 10A-3+3

Red Variety: 10A-3+3

This late, red variety has great vine-hanging ability. As the sugar increases, the crisper the berries become. Its light shiny pink colour appears quite early but does not darken as time goes on. The high fertility and easy growing practice bring this variety closer to release for commercialization.

Red Variety: 10A-3+3

ARRA 94B-35+4

Red Varieties

This is a truly eye-catching variety, with a shiny, dark red colour and elongated shape. It has a high yield and easy growing practice, with a great sugar-acid balance that reminds us of the excellent eating quality of ARRA 15 (ARRA Sweeties™).

Red Varieties: 94B-35+4

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