This week, we are delighted to report on ARRA 33, the brightest ARRA™ star rising from Bakersfield, California and we introduce a very promising ARRA selection. Both of which will be presented, among other ARRA varieties and selections, at the upcoming ARRA Virtual Field Days


After six years of evaluation, we are happy to officially release the ARRA 33, a very early white seedless variety. Its creamy colour, crunchiness and great eating quality speaks for itself. ARRA 33 is characteristically free from bruising and rub marks, which makes it very attractive to growers who seek to reach the markets early with high-quality grapes. The harvest time is approximately 5-7 days prior to Sugraone.


On the growing side, ARRA 33 does not require manual thinning apart from bunch count and tipping. The growing protocol is very basic and simple as the natural berry size is larger than most other seedless varieties. The high productivity is very stable and the variety is easy to harvest as the uniform maturity makes it possible to strip the vine in one pass, making it a very economical variety.

ARRA 33 in Bakersfield
ARRA 33 in Bakersfield, California; The first commercial vineyard of ARRA 33 in the world, growing in the Giumarra vineyards in the southern end of San Joaquin Valley.

Take a tour of an ARRA 33 vineyard

Grafted last year onto two-year-old Freedom rootstock, the ARRA 33 harvest in Bakersfield started on 9th July.

ARRA 79B-44+1

When we think about early red varieties, the first one that comes to mind is ARRA Passion Fire™ (ARRA 29). However, we are now pleased to introduce the latest early red selection in the pipeline, ARRA 79B-44+1, which is harvested just 7-10 days after ARRA Passion Fire. This selection is noticeable for its unique, natural, firey, red colour and crispness. It is easy to grow with minimal labour costs, making it a natural choice to continue the season after ARRA Passion Fire.

A model selection; professional photos of ARRA 79B-44+1
First-year production of ARRA 79B-44+1, commercial block in Giumarra vineyards

ARRA 79B-44+1 vineyard

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