Chile's Dynamic Duo: ARRA Sweeties and ARRA Passion Fire

Sweet Success

In Chile’s regions III and IV, ARRA Sweeties™ growers are experiencing significant success, harvesting exceptional quality that they are very satisfied with. Many of these growers are now actively exporting their fruit to the USA, with some also reaching markets in the Far East.

In the Copiapó valley, (region III) Agrofruta operates three farms: Alianza, San Isidro, and Los Loros, encompassing a total of 300 hectares of vineyards. Guillermo Baez, Grapasa Agronomist, reports that Agrofruta’s total production for export reaches 970,000 boxes, (of 8.2 kg), showcasing remarkable success in producing ARRA Sweeties of exceptional quality. Achieving yields surpassing 3,000 boxes per hectare, they’ve consistently demonstrated outstanding production.

Passionate Pursuits Yield Fruitful Results

Jaime Toro, manager of Sociedad Agrícola El Álamo from Elqui valley, shares his insights based on his experience with ARRA Passion Fire™, ”This variety proves to be remarkably easy to manage, boasting impressive sizes and receiving good prices for export to USA. For this reason, we decided to expand our plantation this year.”

Furthermore, Javier Peralta, manager of Agrícola Bellavita, is very happy with their initial shipments of ARRA Passion Fire, that were harvested 10 days earlier compared to the previous season.

Carlos Bordoli, owner of Agrícola Santa Elena, who grows the ARRA varieties recounts: “Both ARRA Passion Fire and ARRA Sweeties have flourished remarkably in the Copiapó valley, attaining impressive calibers and in optimal conditions for shipments to distant markets.”

We are looking forward to seeing the results in additional regions and wish a continued fruitful season to all the ARRA growers in Chile.

ARRA Fire Crunch™ Ignites Success: A Game-Changer for Peru's Grape Industry

Field Day Heating Up Interest

Following the ARRA Fire Crunch™ Field Days in Piura last month, an additional day was held in a trial block in Ica, Peru, that showcased remarkable success with great productivity. The photos clearly depict the outstanding performance of this variety, generating widespread enthusiasm among attendees. Representatives from leading companies in Peru were present to be part of the ARRA Fire Crunch festivities.

ARRA Fire Crunch has emerged as a potentially game-changing variety for the Peru table grape industry, particularly due to its non-blackening characteristics, which has generated excitement and anticipation among industry stakeholders. The positive reception and high level of interest observed during the event signify the impact this variety will make in the sector.

Delighting in the Crunch: Agricola Don Ricardo’s Fiery Red

Further success stories continue at Agricola Don Ricardo trial blocks, where noteworthy results have been achieved with ARRA Fire Crunch. While the photos vividly capture the grape’s fiery red hue, exquisite bunch formation, what remains unseen is the remarkable crunch—something that can only be experienced firsthand. So, if you’ll be at Fruit Logistica next month, you can come try it at our stand.

Journey with Sahyadri Farms - Nurturing Growth, Cultivating Success in India

Nomi Karniel-Padan, Grapa’s Commercial Director and Georgios Bitsakos, Head of Brand Marketing started 2024 off with a journey to India, to see the performance of the ARRA™ program at Sahyadri farms, grown by their continuously expanding cooperative in Maharashtra. The harvest has just started and will continue until the end of February. ARRA Sweeties™, due to its resilience to diverse weather conditions and heavy precipitation has been found to be optimally suited for this region. The commercial Grapa team visited growers, all of whom were progressing well and expressed both satisfaction and gratitude. It is evident that the ARRA varieties are thriving in India and we anticipate that the upcoming ARRA red varieties of the new generation, will contribute to an even brighter future.

ARRA Sweeties

However, walking between the rows was not the sole focus of this trip; a key aspect involved conducting meetings with the entire production chain at Sahyadri to ensure alignment across technical aspects, harvest procedures, packing, and marketing. This was essential for understanding market needs and establishing optimal harvest specifications to maintain consistent quality. The dedication, professionalism, and eagerness to learn demonstrated by everyone in adapting to the new varieties compared to Thompson were remarkable. Everyone expressed excitement and understood the benefits and suitability of the ARRA program for India.

Thank You Sahyadri

Georgios stated, “Meeting with both the harvesting teams and those overseeing post-harvest operations at Sahyadri was crucial. We reached a consensus on strategies to analyse market feedback and insights gained from quality control inspections reported by their customers.”

This tour by the Grapa Commercial department heads, followed the visit of Uzi Yaron, Grapa’s R&D Director. He will be returning to India shortly, to continue the support and fine-tuning efforts with the technical teams, building on the progress made during his December visit.

We are truly fortunate to have such a synergetic partnership in India. The Sahyadri management and technical team’s dedication to the ARRA programme, combined with their determination, cutting-edge technology, and world-class operation, are absolutely remarkable.

First ARRA Honey Pop™ Field Day in Australia

The first ARRA Honey Pop™ Field Day in Australia was hosted last week at the Alpha Fresh Farm in Mildura, the main grape growing region in Australia. Stephan Nel, Grapa’s representative in Australia, together with the Cirillo family, welcomed over 80 attendees, ARRA licensees and key industry figures. To ensure that each participant receives the utmost attention and experiences the most relevant aspects of the tour, the attendees were divided into two sessions. The event showcased the Alpha Fresh thriving ARRA Honey Pop vineyard on Ramsey rootstock.

Key Insights into ARRA Honey Pop

During the field day, ARRA Honey Pop distinguished itself with remarkable characteristics. These 2-year-old vines demonstrated outstanding productivity, yielding 25-30 tons per hectare. Growers received valuable information about ARRA Honey Pop, the promising very early white seedless variety, whose berries’ ripen and reach sizes ranging from 18 to 22mm, with good brix, early in the season.

Stephan emphasized the importance of reaching the optimal harvest brix of 17 and up, that brings with it a hint of muscat flavor and exceptional eating quality. Additionally, ARRA Honey Pop’s short growing cycle proves to hold a cost-effective advantage for growers.

The variety demonstrated its resilience to sun exposure, which is a crucial characteristic in Australia. It maintained a vibrant creamy color, rather than developing a brown/orange hue, as could be seen in other varieties under similar conditions. This characteristic, coupled with outstanding berry attachment and excellent performance in cold storage, positions ARRA Honey Pop as a versatile and reliable choice for both domestic and export markets.

Looking Ahead

The excitement among growers was evident as they recognized the great potential of ARRA Honey Pop, even on such young vines. As the vines mature and the guidelines are further adjusted to the Australian growing conditions, we anticipate even better results. This excitement materialised to many orders and interest from new growers to join the program.

A heartfelt thank-you goes out to the Alpha Fresh team and the Cirillo family, big ARRA fans, for their gracious hospitality and invaluable contributions to making this field day a resounding success!

We look forward to future gatherings and continued growth in the ARRA program in Australia.

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