Grand Tour Brazil

A visit to Brazil is always a celebration for any member of the Grapa team who makes their way over, with the warm and rich welcome that the team receives at every farm or company. It is amazing to feel the all-around appreciation for the ARRA varieties and the beautiful results achieved in spite of the challenging weather. During the last two months, the different farms endured between 300-500 mm of rain, compared to the average total amount in 2023 which was 400 mm.

ARRA Sweeties and ARRA Cherry Crush the Perfect Match

For many years, Grapa teams have been visiting the ever-growing vineyards, impressed by the quality of the grapes on the vine and constantly discussing the challenges and ways to improve the growing protocols and practices. For over a decade, the ARRA Sweeties™ variety has been the leading variety in Brazil, thanks to its resistance to rain and its ability to yield about 60 tons per hectare over the two annual cycles.

In the last year the ARRA Cherry Crush™ variety was added to the commercial repertoire in Brazil, proving itself as a superb, premium red variety. The enthusiasm of retailers and traders for this variety is reflected in a drastic increase in its plantings. The possibility to also produce mixed punnets is generating great excitement.

Let's Focus on Consistency in Quality

This tour however, had a slightly different twist: Nomi Karniel-Padan, Grapa Commercial Director and Georgios Bitsakos,  Head of Brand Marketing, came to discuss with our partners a key factor of the performance of the Brazilian ARRA grapes: how to improve the consistency in quality, despite the challenges and differences between the two semesters (the first being rainier).

During a busy and fulfilling week, together with the remarkable and dedicated Grapa Brazil team, in-depth meetings were held with the various companies, their respective quality control teams and the key position holders who can lay the ground for and bring about the needed steps.

Build a Brand, Preserve and Strengthen It Continuously

The highlight of this expedition was a seminar organized by the local team, and sponsored by the agricultural products and services giant, Central de Adubos and one of their partners, Aqua do Brasil. The event was held in their newly inaugurated offices, marking the first time they welcomed growers. With a turnout of over 200 participants from diverse licensed companies, departments and ranks, attendees were enthusiastic to learn how to build a brand and the ways to preserve and strengthen it continuously. Interest surpassed all expectations, sparking numerous expressions of gratitude.

Georgios expresses the essence of this visit: “Together we can shape the industry’s future. By sharing market insights with our partners, our goal is to enhance their understanding of the trends, and enable them to identify challenges. The time has come to bring our shared vision to fruitition. Our journey so far has shown us the transformative power of collaboration, revealing heightened efficiency when we work closely together. As we move forward, let us further unite these strengths to drive sustainable growth, foster innovation, and assume a leadership role in the market. Brazil has been, remains, and will continue to be one of the most important countries for Grapa and the ARRA Varieties.”

From April 16th to 18th, the Grapa management and Grapa Brazil team, will be participating at Fruit Attraction, taking place for the first time in Sao Paulo.

Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the perfect match: ARRA Sweeties and ARRA Cherry Crush.

Breeders' Alliance Press Release - Enforcement Developments


Cairo, 15 January 2024

Since acceding to the UPOV 91 treaty in 2019, Egypt has been implementing strong measures to fight Plant Breeders’ Rights infringements.

In 2021, Egypt’s Minister of Agriculture issued the Ministerial Decree No. 387, obliging farms and packhouses to be approved by the authorities and receive a code to be eligible to export grapes.

Months later, Egypt’s Central Administration for Plant Quarantine (CAPQ) also issued a decree, regulating the export process of table grapes. Farmers or packhouses that deal with protected varieties without a license, would risk losing the validity of their code, and hence be banned from exporting.

Starting with the coming 2024 grape season, CAPQ will start to use DNA testing to identify and stop suspected illegal shipments at source, whereas in previous seasons the breeders and rights holders had to rely on Customs Authorities in European ports to seize and destroy illegal shipments.

Mr Duncan Macintyre, President of The Breeders’ Alliance which represents all the major table grape breeders recently met with Undersecretary Prof. Saad Moussa, Supervisor of Foreign Agricultural Relations and the Central Administration of Plant Quarantine and Mr Elsayed Ahmed Abbas, Technical Director of Egyptian Plant Quarantine.

The Breeders’ Alliance have been assisting CAPQ to equip a new DNA Laboratory, and to organise staff training on the specifics of grape DNA fingerprinting. The Breeders’ Alliance is also organising the supply of the official DNA samples from all its members’ protected varieties so that CAPQ can set up its own reference database thus allowing it to quickly verify the authenticity of export consignments. This will apply to all varieties that are protected and registered at the Plant Protection Office at the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation.

Duncan Macintyre said “Egypt has proved that it is serious about stamping out IP infringements and preventing the export of unlicenced fruit. It now has both the legal framework and the technical resources to check export consignments and the penalty for infringing our members’ IP rights will be an export ban. We congratulate Prof Moussa and his team at CAPQ for taking these steps. Our members can now continue to invest with confidence in new high performance table grape varieties for the benefit of the Egyptian grape industry.”

Celebrating Women's Leadership at Grapa

As we mark International Women’s Day, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the incredible women within our global network and among our esteemed partners. At Grapa, we are proud to have a diverse and talented group of women who play pivotal roles in shaping our success.  Three out of the seven directors at Grapa are women, and women lead five out of the seven departments in our organization. Women are the true stars of our strong ARRA community as  agronomists, team members and heading farms and companies.

Spotlight on Brazil

This year, we’ve chosen to shine a spotlight on the remarkable women in Brazil’s thriving table grape industry, particularly those in the agronomy field. Among the agronomists in the region, women stand out as dominant forces and bringing their expertise and passion to the forefront. Within our own team, the dedication and leadership of our woman members have been instrumental in driving innovation. Their commitment to excellence mirrors the continuous improvement and learning ingrained in the very cycles of nature.

Beyond the Grapa Brazil team, we celebrate the women who lead farms and companies in the São Fransisco Valley, demonstrating resilience, vision, and determination. These women are not just contributing to the agricultural landscape; they are setting new standards and inspiring future generations.

As we commemorate International Women’s Day, let’s join hands in recognizing and applauding the invaluable role women play at Grapa and within our broader community. Together, we can continue to cultivate excellence, harvest wisdom, and foster an environment where diversity thrives, and women’s achievements are celebrated every day.

Here’s to the incredible women of the ARRA World!

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ARRA Cherry Crush™

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“The ARRA Passion Fire was probably the most beautiful red grapes around on our farms.”

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This year, attendees got a firsthand look at ARRA Fire Kiss™ in Egypt. What stood out was how distinctly different it was from the Flame, leaving no doubt that it is the perfect Flame replacement.