This week, we catch up with some of the ARRA™ growers in Brazil that are harvesting now and update our readers on the performance of both the ARRA 8A-19+4 selection and ARRA 15 variety(ARRA Sweeties™). The other ARRA growers in Brazil will harvest by the end of April. Although the growers can harvest every month in Brazil, they concentrate on this period as it is a great window for export.

Sunvalley Farm - ARRA 8A-19+4

This selection has proven itself in Sao Francisco valley with good fertility and rain tolerance. This season, it rained fifty mm before harvest in Sunvalley Farm and as can be seen in the photos below, the ARRA 8A-19+4 selection is looking great after harvest, with no cracks or blemishes.

Sunvalley Farm's ARRA 8A-19+4; Shining and striking after fifty mm of rain

Grapa’s technical representative in Brazil, Russaika Nascimento reports, “The ARRA selection ARRA 8A-19+4 was pruned for the second season after plantation. In the first semester, this plot produced twenty-three tons per hectare and this semester produced eighteen tons per hectare, totalling forty-one tons per hectare. We still have two promising plots to harvest in May and June in Agrivale and Ibacem farms and we are looking forward to finalizing our commercial evaluation by the end of 2019.”

ARRA 15 (ARRA Sweeties™)

Every once in a while we write to you about our loyal and diligent growers, who are constantly developing and improving their ARRA 15 quality and performance. As we are writing this newsletter, it is pouring with rain in the Petrolina region and our growers are confident that when the sun will rise, the ARRA 15 bunches will still be unblemished and shining – this is the wonder of ARRA 15

Coopexvale grower, Edson Nakahara's harvest is a perfect example of ARRA 15 quality at its best.
Coopexvale growers' grapes ready to eat.
Coopexvale growers Fruttihall Farm's superb ARRA 15 is ready to eat.
Coopexvale Grapes on the vine.
Coopexvale ARRA 15
Ripe for picking; the beautiful ARRA 15 harvest of Coopexvale grower, Antonio Candido.

GVS - Serenissima Farm

The excellent management of this farm results in constant improvement and produces great grapes.

The abundant ARRA 15 of Serenissima Farm

Frutos do Sol

Sun Group partner, Frutos do Sol are renewing their farm with the latest released ARRA selections while focusing on renewing their old ARRA 15 vineyards and improving the quality accordingly.

From left to right: Grapa's technical representative, Russaika Nascimento and Frutos do Sol agronomist, Yaponira Lustosa, display the results of the excellent ARRA 15 harvest of Frutos do Sol.


With their dedication and reliability, the Coana growers produce excellent quality ARRA 15.

From vine to shelf; the beautiful ARRA 15 harvest of Coana grower, Lauro Takakura.
Coana grower Jerry Ito's beautiful ARRA 15.

ARRA at Anufood Exhibition, Sao Paulo

Last week, the ARRA varieties were a popular attraction on the Coopexvale stand at Anufood, the international trade show exclusively for the food and beverage sector of the South American food industry, held in Sao Paulo on 12 – 14 March 2019.

Coopexvale's Marcio Amorim and their display of beautiful table grape varieties

In case you missed it last week…. Here is another chance to catch up on some great memories of Grapa at this year’s Fruit Logistica Exhibition in Berlin.

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