The ARRA™ seedless grapes are the stars of a field visit in Puglia

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After a first meeting held in Egypt last June, followed by an American Open Field Day on July 18 in California, the Piedmontese company AVI (Agricultural Varieties Innovation) wanted to organize visits to the Apulian farms to view the commercial fields of seedless grapes in Italy, particularly ARRA 30 and ARRA 13 .

The Italian event (3rd Open Field Day of 2019) which featured the participation of representatives from local and Sicilian companies, took place on July 23, 2019, in the countryside between Francavilla Fontana, Grottaglie, Massafra and Metaponto.

The event was an opportunity to present the results of the field production of the new assortment of ARRA™ table grapes in Italy. 

The range of ARRA ™ varieties are the results of many years of research and hard work carried out by the breeder Mr. Shachar Karniel. AVI is the exclusive licensee company in Europe for the experimentation, production and marketing of ARRA ™.

ARRA Varieties in Italy: Strategic Importance for Technical and Commercial Development

"A day that saw not only Apulian agronomists, traders and producers among the participants, but also over 40 Sicilian table grape producers, coordinated by Barbera International, one of the consolidated entrepreneurial realities of Sicily. Barbera International recently signed an important agreement of production and marketing with AVI for the planting of these ARRA ™ varieties. These cultivars are taking root very well in Italy, but in Sicily they can represent a resource of strategic importance for the technical and commercial development of table grapes without seeds".

Carlo Lingua, CEO of RK Growers and AVI

Maurizio Simone, AVI agronomist explains: “During field visits, particular attention was given to ARRA 30. ARRA 30 is a white, crunchy grape with an elliptical berry, ranging from cream to yellow. This is a variety that already has over 45 hectares in production for 2019. This area will double in 2020. Many say that ARRA 30, having a similar production schedule, can become a substitute for Victoria grapes.

“ARRA 13 is an early seedless red variety, with a long berry and medium-high vigor. The beauty of the grape and the bunch, with an extremely interesting and precise harvest period, make this variety interesting for the most precocious markets. The ARRA 13 is a simple variety to produce, with particular attention to managing the production load and the ideal harvesting time.”

Carlo Lingua continues: “It is advantageous for producers must adapt their modus operandi to the new varieties.  ARRA™ are apyrene cultivars that require a series of very simple protocols, without needing particular agronomic operations (i.e. milling) or of particular cultivation operations.

The market needs good table grapes that the consumer is inspired to purchase again and again.The market requires more and more quality grapes, with particular interest towards seedless grapes. ARRA™ can represent the right choice for entrepreneurs. In fact, thanks to their characteristics, such as high degree of brix, crunchiness, and productivity, the entire ARRA ™ catalog is positioning itself very well on the market.”

ARRA Varieties in Italy: Open Field Day Photo Album

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