First Indian ARRA grapes land in Europe

ARRA Varieties™ were recently featured in Fresh Plaza and Fruitnet.

Jupiter Group's new production from the Southern Hemisphere increases its supply to ten months of the year

The first ARRA and Maylen table grape varieties grown in India have gone on sale across Europe, say UK suppliers Jupiter Group.

The Somerset-based company, recently listed by The Times as one the UK’s fastest growing mid-sized private businesses, announced last month it had exclusive rights to grow and market ARRA table grapes in India, producing the variety between February and June.

Jupiter Group CEO Mark Tweddle said: “I truly believe the development of the ARRA varieties will positively change the demand for Indian grape and bring the market into its own as a key supply in the annual table grape supply calendar.”

Grapa CEO Rafi Karniel added: “It is a great honour for Grapa Varieties to be the first table grape breeding program to enter India, there is huge potential in this vast country and we trust that the strong co-operation between the Jupiter Group and Grapa Varieties will make the program a great success.”

Jupiter’s Maylen grapes, developed by Chile’s Iniagrape-one will also be harvested in India from April to July. Tweddle says that the variety is well placed to break through on the premium market.

“Maylen is a really unique berry with a fantastic incomparable taste. It is most definitely positioned for the premium market and I believe this variety can easily rival other high-end black seedless table grape varieties like Sable, Midnight Beauty or Victoria. 

“It has been an exciting development for the Jupiter Group with the new varieties arriving from India. We are very proud of the grapes year one has produced and anticipate year two to bring even more interest.”

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