ARRA Field Days August California: Mid, Mid-Late and Late Varieties

Growers, traders and retailers worldwide enjoyed their experience at the ARRA Field Days. Numerous participants from across the globe, convened in Bakersfield, CA,  to attend the annual field days event from August 22- 23.
The August ARRA Field Days gave the participants the opportunity to see, taste, and evaluate the newest mid to late ARRA varieties directly from the vine. It also provided a valuable forum for growers to network, compare techniques, and learn about updated growing technologies.

The attendees that could not attend the July Field Day were also able to enjoy and evaluate the very early and early varieties from the cold storage facilities.
The very early and early white ARRA Honey Pop™, ARRA Sugar Drop™ and the red ARD 42, harvested before Flame, were available to be tasted . 
The above varieties were harvested in mid July and this was a good chance to actually see how well they held post-harvest. ARRA Honey Pop, that already proved its good shelf life, looked especially good and maintained its full flavor. 

Among the varieties showcased ARD 36 caught the eyes of the participants. This unique, mid-season selection bears sweetness, crunchiness and a striking color. Its eating qualities create a truly exceptional experience. ARD 36 is newly grown commercially in Brazil and will soon be available in other countries as well.  



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