Fruit Attraction 2022 Madrid

The 14th edition of Fruit Attraction took place on October 4-6. During these 3 days at this annual, prestigious event, we were delighted to present the new generation of ARRA™ varieties along with the already well known and firmly established commercial varieties.

Among the different varieties presented, the team was pleased to showcase the well established ARRA Sweeties™ from Greece and Italy.

ARRA Yum!bo and the newly released ARD 36 from Brazil looked and tasted great, receiving high interest from the visitors. ARD 36, due to its striking, shiny cherry colour and elongated berry, was definitely the outstanding eye catcher. Once the visitors had a chance to taste it, the crunchiness and great eating quality created a truly exceptional experience.   

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ARRA Cherry Crush™

The Crush Everyone’s talking about!

Tony Calvillo, Vice President of International Business Development, Dayka & Hackett LLC, shared: “Today, we visited the ARRA Cherry Crush—a grape variety that exceeds the expectations of growers, consumers, and retailers alike. We are thrilled to witness its remarkable potential. Boasting an alluring cherry colour, impressive size, abundant production, and a perfect balance of taste and crunch, ARRA Cherry Crush creates a mutually beneficial scenario for discerning producers, consumers, and retailers.”

ARRA Fire Crunch™

Igniting the senses

Just in time for the festive season, the inaugural batch of ARRA Fire Crunch™ made its way from Peru to the USA. Karl Conrads, founder, CEO of Grapasa accompanied the first year vines from budbreak all the way to Walmart facilities in Los Angeles.

Don’t miss the footage, showing this landmark arrival, now the sky’s the limit.

ARRA Passion Fire™

Sharing the passion – Right now in Southern Africa:

“It’s a great, beautiful grape, we are having a great time packing it.” shares Gabriel Viljoen of G.P. Viljoen Farming

We’ve heard other growers excited about this year’s performance.

“The ARRA Passion Fire was probably the most beautiful red grapes around on our farms.”

ARRA Fire Kiss™

Start the season with a Kiss

This year, attendees got a firsthand look at ARRA Fire Kiss™ in Egypt. What stood out was how distinctly different it was from the Flame, leaving no doubt that it is the perfect Flame replacement.